Hamilton Island (Australia)

Date: June 27, 2017

Place: Catseye Beach – the Peak – Escape Beach Loop.  Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Queensland, Australia

Distance: 8 Km

Hamilton Island is one of the Whitsunday Islands in southern Great Barrier Reef.

Image result for map showing hamilton island

It’s a resort island owned largely by one family, and its eastern 1/3 remained undeveloped.

The trail can be access via Cateye Beach, the main resort beach on the island.  The hill hump in the photo above is the Peak, the highest point on the island and my first destination.

1/2 way there, looking back at Catseye Bay

Above – near the Peak looking at the resort. Below are views from the Peak of other Whitsunday Islands.

Descending from the Peak, I took the route towards South East Head


Hamilton’s more temperate and drier climate culminated a trail flora that is quite different from Kauai’s (my other island hiking experience).

The rocky Escape Beach and cool temperature doused my enthusiasm for a mid trail swimming break.

The region was hit hard by an cyclone 3 months ago. There were visible scars and debris.

While a beach swim evaded me, nothing prevented me from jump into the resort’s beachfront pool at the end of the hike.