Eiger Trail* (Switzerland)

Date: Aug. 24, 2016
Location: Eigergletscher, Berner Oberland region
Distance: 6km (3.7mi) one way
Elevation Loss: from 2320 to 1616 meters (7610 to 5302 feet)

This trail hugs the base of Eiger North Face and starts at Eigergletscher train station, ends a couple thousand feet lower at Alpiglen station. Above, Jungfrau peak near TH. Below, Eiger’s cliff face soon cover right side of the trail rest of the way.

To the left, constant view of the valley – town of Kleine Scheidegg here, notice the ski lift cables sitting idle in summer.

The tiny specks of hikers give the giant wall a perspective.

More valley view opened up along the trail

Except at the very beginning, the trail declines, sharply at times.

Samantha and Katy are fast hikers.

Cows are ubiquitous in subalpine pasture area, and their bells made music echoing throughout the valley.

Our destination Alpiglen below

A wonderful waterfall greeted us as we descended towards Alpiglen

The town in the Valley is Grindelwald, a popular tourist town in the region.

One more look to the rock face before reaching Alpiglen where we started the train journey back to our lodging at Lauterbrunnen.