Cahuita National Park (Costa Rica)

Location: Limon, Costa Rica

Date: 12/23/2015

Distance: 2 miles RT (see below)

We visited Cahuita NP, located about 50km south of Limon, as a cruise port shore excursion.  Short on time, we could not complete the 4.5 mile one way trail and just walked its first mile, the Playa Blanca Section.  The whole trail is sandwiched by a tropical rainforest and the Caribbean Sea.  The abundance of wildlife was stunning.

Jesus Lizard – nicknamed b/c of its ability to walk on water

2 sloths early on the trail.  They reportedly sleep 23 hours a day.

The trail was broad and well marked.


Termites’ nest – I learned that termites co-exist with living trees as they only devour dead parts of a tree.

This was followed by a clan of white face monkeys

Along the way, opportunity for a swim was plentiful.

The trail has at least 2 river crossings – Rio Sulrez above.  This was our turning point regrettably.  I was left to imagine what rest of this trail’s like.