Summerland-Panhandle Gap*^ (Rainier)


Date: 10/4/2015

Location: MRNP

Distance: 11 miles RT

Elevation Gain: 2900 ft

Highest Point: 6800 ft

Summerland (30)


Summerland is widely considered the best day trail In MRNP.  Hiking its first 3 miles of dense forest path, I started wondering whether the accolades were mirage or reality.  Vista improved somewhat with first glimpse of Mt. Rainier, but followed shortly with more tough canopy clad switchbacks.  Then I was there….

Summerland (29)


I missed Summerland at its peak – the July/August flower season.  Still, may I let the photos convey her ambience.


After a well deserved lunch on a boulder – Summerland meadows are seriously threatened by the throngs it attracts, I proceeded, into a world of ice and rock, towards Panhandle Gap.

Summerland (28)

Summerland (21)


Summerland (23)


Summerland (26)

Mt. Rainier from Panhandle Gap

Summerland (27)

Summerland (31)

Ohanapecosh Valley south of the Gap

Summerland (32)



Returning the same way to conclude this spectacular hike.


Summerland (9)


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