Lake Ingalls* (Central Cascades)

Date: 10/19/2013

Location: Central Cascades, near Cle Elum, WA

Distance: 9 miles

Elevation Gain: 2500ft

Highest Point: 6500ft

My WTA report listed below; Lake Ingalls is the premier Autumn trail fo WA state due to its golden larches.  Photos below are views from Ingalls Pass.

Lake Ingalls (27) Lake Ingalls (28)

Lake Ingalls (20)

Lake Ingalls, Cascades

The Drive:
– Teanaway Rd. is probably the most beautiful drive in WA right now with Autumn color in full display.
– FR 9737, teeming with hikers and hunters, is the busiest dirt road I’ve ever traveled on. I was escorted by a line of 5-6 cars from beginning to end to the TH. Watermelon sized potholes scattered along the 10 mi. rd.. Leave the new Tesla at home, take the Corolla.
– medium-sized TH parking is full by 9:30 on this Saturday, but plenty of road side parking.

The Trail:
-it is slightly busier than an average Spokane residential sidewalk, but fellow hikers are friendly, courteous bunch.
– trail is fully snow-covered about <1/4 mi. from the Pass, all the way to the Lake. No special footwear needed to the Pass, but water proof hiking boots + gaiters are advisable beyond the pass. On the other hand, I saw hikers without either and seemed to do fine.
– Is it worthwhile to proceed beyond the Pass to the Lake? Absolutely!

Lake Ingalls (18)

Ingalls Creek Valley

Lake Ingalls (11)

Lake Ingalls


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