Cascades Pass -Sahale Glacier*

Date: 09/13/2013

Location: near Marblemount, WA (North Cascades NP)

Distance: 11.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 3600 ft

Highest Point: 7200ft

Cascade Pass (3)

Cascade Pass

Cascade Pass (5)

This fabled trail is my favorite in all of North Cascades.    The only blemish on this otherwise perfect walk is the 30+ boring and tough switchbacks at the start.  Once out of the tree, this hiking trail’s beauty rivals any in the world.  The first pay off is Cascade Pass (photo above), but that is only the beginning.  A tough but short climb would get one to my favorite spot in the whole Cascades – Sahale Arm

Sahale Arm (3)

Steep section between the Pass and Sahale Arm

Sahale Arm (8)

Sahale Mountain

Sahale Arm (13)

Doubtful lake

Sahale Arm (7) Sahale Arm (4) Sahale Arm (12)

Photos above were taken from Sahale Arm,

One final push at the end of Sahale Arm leads to Sahale Glacier.  It was a very demanding, but richly rewarding trail.

Sahale Glacier (8) Sahale Glacier (10) Sahale Glacier (7)

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