Swiftcurrent Pass/Summit*^


Swiftcurrent Pass (12)

Swiftcurrent Summit, Glacier NP

Date: 06/28/2015

Location: Glacier National Park, MT

Distance: 14+ miles (one way from Many Glacier to the Loop)

Elevation Gain: 3300+ feet

Highest Point: 8400 feet

Time: 7 hours

I am not one who looks for deeper meaning in things. Hiking big mountains in elements for me is simply looking for great views, probably similar to fashionable women collecting trendy handbags.

Swiftcurrent Pass (39)

Red Rock Lake

Swiftcurrent Pass (28)

Red Rock Fall

However, once in a long while, completing a trail, like Swiftcurrent Summit, would provoke within me an existential affirmation about life’s meaning and self worth.

Swiftcurrent Pass (47)

Bullhead Lake at mile 4 with Swiftcurrent Glacier hanging high on the head wall

On this blistering hot day, I set to traverse a very challenging terrain.  How I accomplished this goal had little to do with the usual things that defined who I am – name, race, belief, occupation, net worth, friends or relations.

Swiftcurrent Pass (48)

Now it’s 2200 feet climbing up to the top of head wall.

Swiftcurrent Pass (49)

View of Swiftcurrent Glacier while ascending

Swiftcurrent Pass (50)

Swiftcurrent Valley from near the Pass

Shortly after the pass, junction to Swiftcurrent Summit with the Lookout beckoning on top.

Shortly after the pass, junction to Swiftcurrent Summit with the Lookout beckoning on top.

Swiftcurrent Pass (51)

Shortly after the Pass, I reached the junction to Swiftcurrent Summit with the Lookout beckoning on top.

Swiftcurrent Pass (44)

White Bark Pine Ghost forest on the way up to the Summit – the trail climbed over 1000 feet over 1.2 mile.

Swiftcurrent Pass (43)

Heavens Peak and Granite Park Chalet in the distance

Swiftcurrent Pass (42)

The Lookout

Overcoming heat and altitude, I looked down on Swiftcurrent Glacier which just hours ago hung dominant above me.

Swiftcurrent Pass (7)

From the Summit looking North

Swiftcurrent Pass (41)

Swiftcurrent Glacier to the south

Link to video from the summit: https://youtu.be/3EoT2V44y4s

Though all downhill now, the challenge was not over.  Hyperthermia lurked as I descended the bone dry inferno of the Loop trail at hottest time of the day.

Swiftcurrent Pass (45)

Swiftcurrent Pass (46)

On the way down passing through Granite Park Chalet

Then, I was there.  No external accolade awaited except a life time of visual and visceral memory and somewhere in the recess of my soul hung a plaque of contentment.


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