Siyeh Pass Loop*

Date: 08/26/2014

Location: Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, MT

Distance: 10.4 Miles (point to point)

Elevation Gain: 2280ft

Highest Point: 8100 ft

Siyeh Pass Loop (42)

Ledge after Siyeh Pass

Siyeh Pass Loop (46)

Mt. Siyeh

Siyeh Pass Loop (48)

Piegan Mountain to the west

Siyeh Pass Loop (53)

South shoulder of Mt. Siyhe, the Pass is at the south end of the saddle

Photos above are from Preston Park to right before Siyeh Pass (miles 3 to 5)

This maybe the best day hike in GNP.  The only blemish on this near perfect trail is the first 2 miles of boring forest trail.  Otherwise the payoff at the top of pass viewing Barring Creek Valley and Sexton Glacier was almost without match in the park (ok, maybe Pitamakan Pass to Dawson Pass at Two Medicine).  It also boasts as the highest maintained trail in GNP.

Tim, Katy and I took GNP shuttle from St. Mary’s to Siyhe Bend.  The construction on GTTS road made an already long process just a bit tedious.  We want to get on the trail!  But we should be grateful that a shuttle system exist to smooth out the logistic of this one way trail.

Photos below are at the Pass and steep decent into Barring Creek Valley (miles 5-8)

Siyeh Pass Loop (40)

Boulder Creek Valley from Siyeh Pass

Siyeh Pass Loop (31)

One of several photos showing Barring Creek Valley

Siyeh Pass Loop (34)

Going to The Sun Mountain, with Sexton Glacier

Siyeh Pass Loop (24)

Sexton Glacier

Siyeh Pass Loop (32) Siyeh Pass Loop (13)

Kids were blazing down the trail until I asked Katy to slow down and maintain a tighter distance among us.  But “the most dangerous wildlife I’ve seen is a midget marmot!”  She chirped.  In exactly 10 minutes, we had our first close encounter with a bear.

Siyeh Pass Loop (10)

We came to a halt where 3 other hikers were meandering at the trail noting a black bear down hill.  6 of us gingerly proceeded and behold, the bear was walking towards us.  Under lots of noise and arm waving by my fellow hikers, I took out the only bear spray among our group and gave it to person next to me, Katy, to take some photos!  Eventually, I heed Katy’s complaint and assumed the bear spray shooting duty as the bear sauntered passed us 25 yards away.

Siyeh Pass Loop (6)

Going to The Sun Mountain and Sexton Glacier viewed from lower elevation

Siyeh Pass Loop (1)

Barring Creek Valley close up

We complete rest of trip uneventfully, and reached Sunrift Gorge TH just as Jeannette and Aunty Mabel arrived to pick us up!

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