Scenic Point

DATE: 09/21/2014

Location: Two Medicine, MT

Distance: 8 Miles RT

Elevation Gain: 2300ft

Highest Point: 7522ft

Scenic Point (2)

White Bark Pine ghost forest

Scenic Point (7)

The trail, almost an afterthought during my planning, proved demanding yet richly rewarding. More than 2/3 of it offered views; particularly impressive was gradual revelation of Two Med Lake, and tragical splendor of ghost white bark pine forest. The scenes were diverse – forest, waterfall, canyon, creek, graduated to rocky talus, ridge traverse, and even a section of Highline-sque ledge. Scenic Point itself offered the classic 360 panoramic view and was hosted by a pesky yet adorable chipmunk. It’s a satisfying hike to conclude my trip.

Scenic Point (17)

From Scenic Point

Scenic Point (19)

last section of trail before Scenic Point

Scenic Point (9)


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