Grinnell Glacier*

Date: 08/03/2013

Location: Many Glacier, MT

Distance: 7.6 miles RT (with boat rides)

Elevation Gain:1400ft

Highest Point: 6500ft

Grinnell Glacier Trail (8)

Red rock cliff dominated middle part the trail

Grinnell Glacier (7)

one of the several “built-in” waterfalls on trail

Grinnell Glacier (12)

lower Grinnell Lake below

Grinnell Glacier Trail (9)

This trail got me started.

No wonder, all the accolades from hiking pundits (listed as one of the best day hike in US by National Geographic) and casual walkers alike brought it to my attention while researching for our GNP trip in Aug. 2013 .  Weather was foul, rainy and foggy.   Jeannette bailed out, but Tim, Katy and I pushed forward, because there wasn’t anything else to do in the park and like a chore, I just wanted to scratch off “hike a trail” from my GNP to do list.   Trail was beautiful from the start at Lake Josephine boat dock.  After initial switchbacks,  we ascended red rock cliff, traversed under waterfalls, awed by mountain peaks and emerald lakes.  Rain stopped along the way. Everything’s magical.

At the glacier, the makeshift turkey sandwich and common fruits never tasted so good.

Grinnell Glacier (18)

Grinnell Glacier and upper Grinnell Lake

Grinnell Glacier Trail

Upper Grinnell Lake with Garden Wall

On the way down, the sun came out, and boat ride back revealed the splendor of Many Glacier to us.

Many Glacier (12)

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