Crypt Lake*^ (Waterton)

Crypt Lake (79)

Date: 06/26/2015

Location: Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Distance: 10.7 miles RT

Elevation Gain:2250 feet

Highest Point: 6400 feet

Crypt Lake (62)

Trip started at Waterton’s boat dock. On this day, only one departure at 10am and one pick up at 5:30pm devoted to Crypt Lake hike with RT fare at about 20 CND.

Crypt Lake (66)The trail started with forest switchbacks passing through 2 waterfalls with gradual unveiling of its surrounding valley, peaks and waters.

Crypt Lake (83)

Crypt Lake (8)

Twin Falls at 2 mile mark


Crypt Lake (69)

Burnt Rock Falls at 3.5 mile

Crypt Lake (70)

At 4+ miles, 600 foot Crypt Fall made her first appearance

Crypt Lake (72)

Crypt Lake (71)

The trail now sheds its majestic National Park cloak of splendor and dons an amusement park adrenal chasing suit.

Crypt Lake (73)

Crypt Lake (74)

Jeannette was cool, calm and collected at this 2 foot wide ledge.

Crypt Lake (35)

Then a 8 foot ladder got us to the ....

Then a 8 foot ladder got us to the ….


Crypt Lake (82)

…a 4 foot wide tunnel leading to the other side.

Crypt Lake (42)

The adventure continues after the tunnel.

Crypt Lake (75)

The ledge also offers stunning views.

Crypt Lake (76)

A spur trail led to the head of Crypt Fall.

Crypt Lake (78)

South end of Crypt Lake is the US border.

Crypt Lake (77)

Back to boat dock

Back to boat dock by 5:30pm


2 thoughts on “Crypt Lake*^ (Waterton)

  1. robert frankel

    Dear Dan and Jeannette,
    Bettina and I really enjoyed meeting you. If you are ever anywhere near Chicago, please look us up. Your
    pictures are great and I am looking forward to following your blog. Next time we are headed west we will call
    to see if you guys are up for a hike somewhere. If you ever want to give up medicine, I think you have a future in
    photojournalism. Best wishes Roby and Bettina


  2. Christopher Fernandez

    Wow thanks for the photo map of the round trip. I was there in 1978 and camped (in the then allowed no frills wilderness camp site) overnight. In an digitaless age the loss of the photos I took have led me to visits on the web looking at others recorded memories. Your images have been the best so far and due to the sequence and mile markers jogged my fading matrix the most. I’m inspired to return to Crypt Lake and the other Glacier/Waterton trails and soak it all in. Thanks and happy trails!



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