Carthew-Alderson*^ (Waterton)


Date: 6/27/2015

Location: Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Distance: 12.5 miles one way

Elevation Gain: 2135 feet

Highest Point: 7600 feet

Time: 6 hours

Carthew-Alderson (59)

Cameron Lake

Carthew-Alderson, the most popular one way hike in Canadian Rockies, is named after a posh London law firm.  I would have believed that after arriving at the resplendent Cameron lake, where the trail started – a front lobby designed to impress potential clients.

Carthew-Alderson (67)

Summit Lake

The trail was wide and smooth, not unlike London’s M1 Motorway, as it meandered upwards through lush forest the first miles until Summit Lake was reached, a perfect setting for a cup of English breakfast tea.

Carthew-Alderson (61)

Carthew Peak now visible shortly after Summit Lake

Don’t quite pack Grandma Cavendish’s tea set yet, trail continued pushing upwards and eventually lost its lawyerly orderliness with loose rocks and poor footing abound, but the view was smashing (British accent please)!

Carthew-Alderson (62)

Climbing towards Carthew Ridge

Carthew-Alderson (63)

on the ridge looking towards Summit

Carthew-Alderson (64)

Looking towards south end of the ridge

Photos below are from Carthew Ridge Overlook

Carthew-Alderson (65)


Carthew-Alderson (43)

Carthew-Alderson (46)


Carthew-Alderson (48)

Upper and lower Carthew Lakes

Carthew-Alderson (49)

Upper Carthew Lake

Carthew-Alderson (50)

Carthew-Alderson (51)

Lower Carthew Lake


Carthew-Alderson (52)

Carthew-Alderson (54)

After the lakes, the trail descends eastward into a valley

Carthew-Alderson (55)

Lake Alderson

Carthew-Alderson (56)

Trail returned into the embrace of subalpine forest again for the last 4 miles.

Carthew-Alderson (57)

Waterton Town site

Carthew-Alderson (58)

Cameron Falls


One thought on “Carthew-Alderson*^ (Waterton)

  1. Andrew Nugara

    Love these photos! Please contact me if you are interested in having a couple of them appear in a new Waterton hiking guidebook. Thanks,
    Andrew Nugara



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