White Bluff North Slope/Palouse Fall

Date: 11/21/2013

Location: Hanford Reach (near Tri- Cities, WA)

Distance: 7 Miles

These 2 trails are indeed unique; high volume of water in the midst of desert setting, sand dunes, and rocky canyons located in the “Evergreen” State, not to mention the historical significance of Hanford Reach in US’s nuclear bomb development.

White Bluff (1)

Columbia River

White Bluff (6)

Sand Dune

White Bluff (7)

Locating the turn off on Hwy 24, and finding the tree groves were no problem. The TH is harder to find, but I could see the trail going up the bluff about 1/2 mile away. The trail, fading at times, was generally not hard to follow. It disappeared into first sand dunes. The condition was near perfect – sunny, low wind. Besides the gorgeous river/bluff vista, walking on the ridge of sand dunes was a unique experience. It’s about 3.5 miles to the end of last sand dune and that’s where I turned around.

Afterwards, I drove to Palouse Fall, a 180ft water fall in the midst of desert canyons.  Due to sunsetting, I did not venture too far down the trail, but there was an “adventurous” looking trail snaking through mid canyon wall.  Maybe I will go back one of these days.

Palous Fall (1) Palous Fall (2) Palous Fall (3)


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