Hog Lake Canyon



Date: Apr. 23, 2017

Place:  near Spokane, WA

Distance: 5 miles RT

Elevation Gain: 650 feet

On this overcast Spring afternoon, I launched my 2017 hiking season on this easy, and pleasant trail 25 miles west of Spokane.  The trail, meandering through grassland and ponderosa pine forest early on, is well marked throughout.

Aspen grove above, Hog Lake at 1.5 mile mark below

Hog Lake Canyon (17)

Hog Lake Canyon


Trail then ascends to the airy canyon ridge above the lake.

Hog Canyon Fall materializes at 2 mile.

This seasonal fall is particularly appealing this year due to our wet winter/spring.

An optional descent down to the lake shore and closer to the fall could be taken.

The fall is located in a private property, and this was as close as I could get to it.