Deep Creek Canyon Loop

Date: May 7, 2017

Location: Riverside State Park, Spokane

Distance: 6+ miles

Elevation Gain: 1000 ft

This trail was tricky for couple reasons:  I misread WTA’s fuzzy direction; Deep Creek and Coulee Creek are both flowing rivers.  As a result, I backtracked a couple times adding about 1.5 extra miles to the loop, and waded the creeks 3 times on route.  Above, Deep Creek.  Below, basalt rock forming the canyon

Most of the trail is wide and and well marked.

At the high point (? Pine Bluff), one can see downtown Spokane – above, Mt. Spokane and Spokane River – below

The trail then descends to a beautiful grassland, albeit shadowed by power lines.



Looking back at the ridge I just descended from.