Plain of Six Glaciers* (Banff)


Date: July 24, 2017

Location: Lake Louise, Alberta

Distance: 9 miles RT

Elevation Gain: 1245 feet

Plain of 6 (32)

Above 2 photos were taken at the end and the beginning of this popular trail.  The top photo showed Abbot Pass – between Mt. Lefoy summit (on the left) and Mt. Victoria (right, summit not shown).  It’s named after an American alpinist who fell to his death in late 1800’s attempting the first ascent of Mt. Lefoy.  The icy chute sloping down from the Abbot Pass is called The Death Trap by early mountaineers.  The second photo, of course, was taken from Lake Louis’ north shore.  On this pleasant summer day, I was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of tourists.

Above, the silty origin of Lake Louis on its south shore.  I first visited Lake Louis in late 1980’s. Since then I have traveled a chunk of the world, this lake remains the most beautiful one I’ve seen.

A rock wall flanked the trail shortly after leaving the Lake, and served these rock climbers well.


The flat trail began a gentle up slope permitting hikers the full glimpse of Victoria Glacier most of the time.

Above, looking south, below looking north.  The view was constant throughout this hike.

The famous tea house was reached at about 3.5 miles.  Constructed by Canadian Pacific Railway in 1920’s, it is the oldest back country tea house in the Rockies. On this day, it’s busier than most of city center restaurants.  Below, one more mile further, we got to the end of the trail.

Above, Lake Louis from Plain of Six Glaciers. Below, part of Victoria Glacier.  Per its name, there should be 6 glaciers in plain view.

The trail terminates at this rocky talus.

The afternoon sun lit up the Chateau and painted the lake with a different hue.