Rail road Grade (3)

Morovitz Meadow, Park Butte, Cascades


Grinnell Glacier (18)

I was an enthusiastic hiker, in Southwestern BC, during my college years.  However, moving to the Midwest in the 90’s, where trails were not enticing, followed shortly by adding 3 newborns to our family in 4.5 years did not help the cause either.  In 2004, we moved to Spokane, WA and I started hiking again.  The local trails were nice, but not exceptional.  The job demand, and a minor nagging injury put a stop to that after a couple of seasons.

In August 2013, during a trip to Glacier National Park, we embarked on a hiking trail called Grinnell Glacier (photo above).  Despite the very trying weather, I was never so moved by a hike before, hence the journey began again.

Akamina Ridge (6)

View from Akamina Ridge, Waterton

The Pictures

I only started paying attention to photography after my hiking started in earnest.  Not creative nor trained, I, like many others, only want to capture the beauty that surrounds me.  Once in a while, I succeed, but most of time photo captions should read “Real objects are much prettier than this”.  I use point and shoot only, with the strict criteria that the camera has to fit in one of my pockets.   I used the good valued Canon Powershot SD780 for my first few hikes, but it expired in 2013.  Thinking outdoors exposure, I bought the rugged Fujifilm Finepix XP100, but uneven indoor photos and bad movie recording prompted me to capitulate to Sony RX100 which I use today.

Siyeh Pass Loop (34)

Siyeh Pass, Glacier NP

Hiking Stats

2013     13 trails     98.2 miles

2014     10 trails     97 miles

2015    28 trails     213.6 miles

2016    15 trails      99.5 miles

Notes on Equipment

Boots – Northface Hedgehog Tall III GTX XRC, size 9.5 (first trail – Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm, 9/2013, last trail Devil’s Garden, 11/2016 >500 miles)

– Salomon X Ultra Mid II GTX, size 10 (first trail – Hog Lake Canyon 4/2017)

Backpack – Kelty Redstart 23, Women’s; 23L capacity, 0.7kg, 19×12.5×10.5 inches (first trail – Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm 9-2013, Last Trail – Plains of Six Glaciers, 7-2017)

Osprey Talon 22, size M/L, 22L, 1.8 pounds, 0.67Kg (8-2017)


Santa Elena Canyon (3)

Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christopher Fernandez

    Just so you know I second the commentors remarks who accompanied you on the Crypt Lake trail. For a un-trained amateur in the photo journalism field you definitely have a gift for light and picture composition despite your modesty. Your observations are sparse but poignant. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog and hope you develop some ambition to explore your budding talent further.
    Best regards, Chris


  2. Sherlyn

    Hi there! I found your blog through the sharing of your trip in Switzerland on the myswissalps forum. I am also planning a 3 days trip to Bernese Oberland area but in Winter! Me and my friend are not avid hikers but we would love to explore the area. Could you recommend some easy hikes for us, and safe? I’m concerned that since it’s winter, some trails maybe slippery and we do not have the right footwear 😦

    Thanks in advance!



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