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PURPOSE: To archive, mostly with photos, my hiking trips. (Top Photo, Summerland, Mt. Rainier NP)

Helen Lake - Cirque Peak (37)

Cirque Peak, Banff NP

Highline - Grinnell Glacier Lookout (4)

Grinnell Glacier Lookout, Glacier National Park

My Hiking Objective: To be inspired by the best nature has to offer. Life is short; Nature is vast.  I strive to canvass the very best each region has to offer.

Most Recent Trails:



The Great Wall – Mutianyu section (Overseas)

Beijing (13)


Hog Lake Canyon (Eastern Washington)

Hog Lake Canyon (17)

Hog Lake Canyon


Deep Creek Canyon (Eastern Washington)

Antoine Peak (Eastern Washington)



Blue Mountains National Park (Overseas)

Uluru 2 (69)


Uluru – Kata Kjuta National Park (Overseas)

Kakadu National Park (Overseas)

Hamilton Island (35)

Hamilton Island (Overseas)



Plain of 6 (32)

Lake Louis – Plains of Six Glaciers

Helen Lake – Cirque Peak

Lake Annette

Sentinel Pass (41)

Larch Valley – Sentinel Pass



Iceline – Whaleback – Twin Falls Circuit (Banff)

Sunshine Meadows (Banff)

Johnson’s Canyon



Panorama Trail


Half Dome

DSC08052 (2)

Clouds Rest


Mt. Dana (9)

Mt. Dana

The Trails

All the trails I hiked so far were day trails, with little off trail scrambling. Before embarkation, each trail’s distance, elevation, terrain, weather forecast and up-to-date trail condition, were carefully researched.  My DNAs do not deal with foul weather or uncertainty well. An ideal trail, for me, has:

– easy access (minimal off-road driving)

-inspirational and varying scenery throughout the trail

-ample wildlife viewing opportunity

-no overwhelming crowd

-not overly taxing physically

So far I have not found such a trail (ha ha!), but I listed some outstanding trails that I have hiked under each region. (denoted with *)

Kalalau Trail (15)

Kalalau Trail, Kauai

Skyline Divide (3)

Mt. Shuksan, Skyline Divide, Cascades

What I bring on a day trail (in order of importance/usefulness):

– a map and/or well written description of the trail

– water/food and water filter

– bear spray (in the Rockies only)

– light, water-proof, wind resistant jacket

– trekking poles


– band aids, bandana

– hiking compass

– flashlight

Lake Ingalls (20)

Lake Ingalls, Cascades

Research Resources:

– Trip Advisor Forums – special thanks to Glacier NP forum’s destination experts.

– Washington Trail Association, which I am a member. I have not found  a better collection of online based trail descriptions, also the crucial up to date trail conditions via members’ trip reports.

– Guide books – especially “Day Hike!” series, published by Sasquatch Books, covering Olympic, Mt. Rainier and Cascades.  I love their trail rating approach.  Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Patton/Robinson, and Copelands’ Don’t Waste Your Time in The Canadian Rockies – again love the no holds bar opinionated rating of each trail.

– NWhikers forum,,  hiking related discussion mostly for WA trails

– “enjoyyourparks” website,, covering Glacier, Yellowstone,  and Grand Teton

– “hikingglacier” website,, covering Glacier

– National Park Service/Park Canada website’s trail updates/status for each individual Park

Second Beach, Olympic NP

Second Beach, Olympic NP



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